The Limón Meringue Package - 2 hours 30 minutes


The Limón Meringue package is a delicious treat for the body and mind. Fresh and uplifting organic lemon, creamy organic shea butter, nourishing plant oils and luxurious coconut and macadamia serum are the cornerstones of our signature spa experience. It was designed to thoroughly enliven the skin and revitalise the mind.


We begin with a full body sugar scrub infused with certified organic lemon essential oil. The vibrant fragrance is both familiar and awakening, drawing our guest into the moment and celebrating their time with us. Sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant because the fine crystal grains gently lift away any debris and stimulate and brighten the skin, leaving it supple and smooth.

When the scrub is completed on the back of the body, we smooth over the silky clouds of whipped shea butter body mask from the neck to the feet and guide the guest to turn over onto their backs. We continue the scrub on the front of the body and then glide the remaining mask generously onto the skin. As the guest is wrapped in a warm cocoon, the scrub and mask combine together to create a treatment which is at once brightening and deeply hydrating.

During the wrap, we perform our signature head and neck massage, working consciously to relieve tension in the scalp and neck and enabling the guest to sink deeper into a state of profound relaxation. There is nothing like a beautiful head massage and our therapists are all trained to ensure our guests feel safe, peaceful and rejuvenated.

After gently awakening them with subtle pressure points to the scalp and face, we guide our guest to the shower to rinse. As the added aromatherapy oils are warmed, their vibrant fragrance is released. We encourage our guest to breathe deeply and allow themselves to be enveloped in the aromas of sweet citrus, warm herbs and fresh flowers before transitioning back to the bed to experience an exquisite back, neck and shoulder massage and full body moisturising with one of our organic body lotions.

The final ingredient in our recipe for relaxation is a brightening, vitamin C enhanced facial. Mukti products are skillfully selected and combined with our own gel-enriched mask to bring about a rejuvenated and radiant result. Vitamin C has a wonderfully stimulating effect at a deeper level of the skin to improve and maintain the quality and health of the tissues by helping to destroy free radicals that damage the complexion. Used in small but potent quantities in products throughout the facial, our Vitamin C mask gives that final tingling boost for a glowing result.

The body is treated from head to toes and left feeling refreshed and alive. We recommend a Skin Glow or Lemongrass and ginger organic tea to close the Limón Meringue experience.